50+ Nutrition
Made with New Zealand Cow’s Milk


50+ Nutrition

As we age our nutritional requirements as well as our ability to absorb nutrients changes. To keep vibrant, youthful and energetic at any age we need to:

  • Provide our body with all the nutrients it needs to build a strong immune system
  • Ensure that we are absorbing and using all the nutrients we take in
  • Eat well and exercise to maintain healthy bones and muscles

Symbiotics Adult Nutrition formulations are designed to specifically meet your requirements as you age.



As we age our nutritional requirements change. Vitality 50+ is designed with carefully balanced vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and New Zealand colostrum to meet the needs of active people over the age of 50 years. Vitality 50+ keeps you vibrant, youthful and energetic at any age.

Skim milk powder, Whey protein concentrate, Colostrum powder, Soluble corn fibre, Beta serum powder (contains milk phospholipids), Minerals: (Magnesium sulphate, Ferrous sulphate, Zinc gluconate, Copper gluconate, Manganese sulphate), Vitamins: (Sodium ascorbate, dl-α tocopheryl acetate, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Vitamin A acetate, Vitamin D3, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Folic acid).

Add 2 scoops (32g) of powder to 200ml of warm water (<45oC) in a cup. Stir milk until fully dissolved.

Take 1-2 serves per day.

This product contains dairy, fish and soy components.
Contains no gluten, yeast, wheat, eggs or nuts.
No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colours or flavourings.