Child Nutrition Strawberry Icecream Flavour
Made with New Zealand Cow’s Milk


Child Nutrition

Kids will be kids. Their natural carefree way of life - mixing with lots of other children, sharing toys, playing in all weather and conditions - can expose them to all manner of ills and chills. Symbiotics have designed great tasting products specifically to support the health of your children.

Dinomos Kids


Colostrum is 100% natural and contains immunoglobulin (Ig) antibodies and other immune factors that help support your digestive and immune systems.

Kids will love the taste and you will love the fact that Symbiotics Dinomos chewable colostrum tablets contain no artificial sweeteners or colours and no preservatives or added sugar.

Each tablet contains:
Colostrum powder (from bovine): 400mg
Calcium (from Calcium Phosphate): 50mg

Other ingredients:
Tabletting aids, flavours, natural sweeteners and colour.

Children 3-5 years chew 1 tablet daily.
Children over 5 years chew 1-2 tablets daily.
These tablets may present a choking hazard if not chewed.

Contains dairy.
Contains no ingredients derived from corn, soy, gluten, fish, shellfish, egg, nuts or yeast.
Contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives.