Goat Milk Powder
Made with New Zealand Cow’s Milk


Goat Whole Milk Powder

Symbiotics® Goat Whole Milk Powder is made from 100% New Zealand goats milk and has all the flavour of a dairy milk. Naturally homogenised, it has smaller fat particles than cow's milk. Symbiotics® Goat Whole Milk Powder is a nutritious source of calcium and protein, and an alternative choice for those who cannot tolerate, or who choose not to drink Cow's milk.

  • Calcium for healthy bones
  • Protein for healthy muscles
  • An alternative choice for anyone allergic or sensitive to cow’s milk

Not suitable as a complete milk food for children under the age of two years.

Spray dried 100% New Zealand goats milk.

100% New Zealand Goat Whole Milk Powder.

Typical Value Avg.Quantity/Srv(175ml) Avg.Quantity/100g Powder
Energy 492kJ/118 kcal 2140kJ/511 kcal
Protein 6.0g 26.1g
Fat 6.9g 30.0g
Saturated fat 5.0g 21.7g
Trans fat 0.1g 0.6g
Polyunsaturated fat 0.2g 0.8g
Monounsaturated fat 1.6g 6.9g
Carbohydrate 7.7g 33.5g
Sugars 7.7g 33.5g
Dietary fibre, total 0.4g 1.8g
GOS 0.4g 1.8g
Sodium 64mg 280mg
Calcium 200mg 870mg

#Typical values are calculated based on average composition of seasonal data.

Contains goat milk, cow’s milk product, trace of soy and fish components.