The quality of Symbiotics products starts with milk. And the quality of milk is derived from its source. Nature intended cows and goats to roam free, grazing in lush green fields, not packed together in barns, fed by grain. Symbiotics aims to follow nature’s lead and collect milk only from pasture fed cows and goats on sustainably run farms across New Zealand.

As both cows and goats produce far more milk than their offspring require, we can harvest the excess while maintaining strict animal welfare guidelines. All ingredients are tested to ensure purity and compliance with industry and food safety guidelines.

Quality extends into everything we do. We strive to be the best and make the safest, most effective products. Manufactured in our New Zealand Standard Food-Grade compliant factories, each product batch is rigorously tested. Our on-site quality manager and team maintain this integral aspect of our business.

Symbiotics is about owning the process from cow to consumer. Forming collaborative partnerships with farmers, our own dairy processing plant, research and development laboratory, production facilities, packaging lines, stringent quality control, marketing and logistical support enable us to ensure you receive exactly what we promise, every time.