Goat colostrum – Superfood for infants and toddlers

There’s no denying cow milk is nutritious. But have you already discovered the powerhouse known as goat colostrum? This liquid is the first milk that mother goats (nannies) produce after giving birth, and it’s chock-full of immune-boosting and growth-promoting compounds. With them, colostrum may be the superfood to set the stage for healthy development in infants and toddlers.

Explore why this liquid is so transformational and why you literally invest in your child’s health and happiness when adding it to their meals.

Goat colostrum vs Cow colostrum

Colostrum is nature’s perfect first food. For newborns – whether human, cow or goat – it provides support after leaving the womb. This special milk is loaded with antibodies, growth factors and multiple nutrients.

Compared to cow colostrum, the milk produced by nannies is considered to have more health benefits because:

  • Its nutritional profile is superior. Colostrum sourced from a goat contains higher amounts of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, niacin, vitamin A and chlorine than cow colostrum. It also has a better protein, fat, lactose and mineral balance for proper growth and development.
  • It’s packed with immune-boosting compounds. Goat colostrum contains significantly higher amounts of oligosaccharides, nucleotides and prebiotic sugars that feed good bacteria in the gut.
  • It may reduce inflammation. Goat foremilk is full of compounds like lactoferrin that help with inflammation that often stems from issues like colic, reflux and rashes in babies and toddlers.
  • It’s more digestible. Nanny milk is about smaller fat globules that are easier for infants and toddlers to digest. The proteins it contains are also more similar to human milk, so they tend to cause fewer digestive issues. This makes the foremilk an excellent alternative for mothers who cannot breastfeed or need to supplement.

Goat colostrum comes from pasture-raised goats and is minimally processed to preserve all its nutritional components. It is free from antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs and other undesirable additives found in some infant formulas.

A nutritional booster, growth and development juice, natural probiotic powerhouse and immune shot – goat colostrum should be a staple in every parent’s kitchen

Top-3 reasons to add goat colostrum to your baby’s diet

Rich in immunoglobulins, goat colostrum adds to your baby’s immature immune system and promotes digestive health by neutralising harmful pathogens. That’s not to mention it’s packed with probiotics for proper metabolism and nutrient absorption.

Healthy gut flora aside, nanny colostrum has other health benefits.

Cognitive development

When you think of goat colostrum, imagine nature’s cocktail of essential nutrition elements that provide the building blocks for a baby’s rapidly developing brain and cognitive abilities. The unique combination of nutrients stimulates brain and nerve growth, enhancing your little one’s senses and coordination.

Immune support and allergy prevention

Goat colostrum packs a nutritional punch with lactoferrin, lysozyme and other compounds protecting babies from autoimmune disorders, allergies, asthma, eczema and other illnesses. Lactoferrin, in particular, has remarkable antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, while lysozyme is a great weapon for destroying harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

Growth and weight gain

The balanced blend of colostrum nutrients can help infants gain weight at a healthy rate, especially in those early months. It also stimulates the release of growth factor IGF-1, which is good for cell and tissue growth.

So the next time you choose superfoods for babies, give goat colostrum products a shot!