Super Kids

Super Food

Made with the goodness of dairy, here's a delicious and fun way to provide growing kids with the nutrients they need.

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For Life

To help keep everyone healthy and thriving, our nutritious dairy-based drinks are suitable for the whole family.

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Health &


For daily nutrition that makes a positive difference, our adult range supports busy and active lifestyles.

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Nutritional balance relies on getting the right variety of nutrients, in the right quantities, from right sources consistently.

  • Kids Milk Drink Vanilla Honey
  • Collagen Goat Milk Drink
  • Kids Milk Drink Berry


Serving Suggestion

Collagen Goat Milk Drink

Berry Good Shakes

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Our Farms

Symbiotics products are derived from the fresh green pastures of New Zealand. By providing the best possible environment for our goats, we’re able to produce the best-quality nutrition.

Our Farms

Why Goat Milk

When compared to cows’ milk, goat milk is easier to digest. It has a unique protein and fat profile, which can be less irritating to those with sensitive stomachs.

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