Pros and cons of diet shakes in NZ

Diet shakes are often touted as miracle products packed with healthy natural ingredients for promoting weight loss. Some also call them a lean, green hack for banishing hunger and cravings, feeling and looking fantastic while keeping calories under control. But do diet shakes by NZ brands really work for all health and fitness goals? Let’s find out!

Can you drink diet shakes for weight loss?

Everyone’s journey to a healthy weight and staying fit is different. So, diet shakes may be versatile, tailored to specific food preferences or created with a certain age group or type of consumer in mind. If you have no allergy to ingredients in the shake of your choice, you can safely drink it.


Simply put, shakes are advanced formulas that balance carbs, fats, protein, vitamins and enzymes for your body to better absorb nutrients and replenish what it may be missing from food. In modern busy life, this can be a lifesaver. Diet shakes in NZ will keep you fuller and happier, so you don’t have to overthink your food choices or get too restrictive when having to be wary of calories.


That’s a huge benefit. The trickiest part of creating a calorie deficit is avoiding that constant state of weariness, low mood and hunger that always backfires and may result in gaining back more weight than was lost. While it’s hard to stay on track when food cravings hit, diet shakes in NZ are a healthy and satisfying way to keep them at bay.

Healthy food choices can be made with diet shakes in NZ if you consume them in moderation

What if you’re not looking to lose weight?

From increased energy, focus and performance to better gut health, fuller hair, brighter skin and added variety to your meal plan – diet shakes in NZ can offer more than their most advertised benefits. And it’s so easy to fit them where traditional meals can’t.


For nutritional certainty and peace of mind, many athletes, bodybuilders and individuals with demanding jobs opt for replacing a meal or two with diet shakes in NZ. This is a simple way to:

  • Ensure a desired nutrient balance
  • Boost post-workout recovery
  • Replenish energy levels fast
  • Meet precise target nutrient amounts when weighing food isn’t possible

What about the cons?

On the flip side, the time-saving convenience sometimes results in overusing diet shakes. Whether you are trying to gain muscle, stay fit, prevent mindless snacking or carve out some time for yourself, meal replacements should not be used instead of a healthy diet. Having too many shakes while neglecting whole foods and regular meals is a considerable risk for your body, so don’t overindulge even if diet shakes in NZ taste so delicious.


Another concern is product quality. Some manufacturers add fillers, sugar, artificial flavours and other highly processed or dubious ingredients to the mix. Rather than focusing on the marketing promises of a ‘quick fix’ for something you may relate to, check the nutritional profile and read those labels before you commit. Make sure you get the wholesome ingredients and macronutrients that align with your current goals – without any unhealthy stuff that doesn’t.